As Private Investors

Private Investors1-bodyimgAs your private investors and business partners, we do not have specific financing packages that are ready made. We do not have a list of investment packages that we can instantly insert into a particular business. We understand that each business and its needs are unique.

“One of our strongest value contributions as private investors and strategic partners is that we too have grown our businesses from the ground up.” – Richard Siskey, Founder

We understand that growing a business is not always a straight road or a perfect guideline from a business plan. It’s constantly changing and shifting with multiple internal and external variables that are sometimes unpredictable. However, we do know that as long as management works hard toward their goals, that those goals are clear, realistic and we all add value to those goals along the way, we will overcome any challenge and business will succeed.

On a regular basis, we are presented with business opportunities. Although we do not have a specific industry that we focus on, we tend to favorably consider businesses that have established historical revenues and reside within a healthy growth driven sector.  For entrepreneurial projects, we favor opportunities where the business is at a point of requiring additional capital to either increase existing revenues or expand their products or services within a particular market arena. We also consider mergers and acquisition opportunities in private and public markets.

A business opportunity might feel materially sound. However, one of our key principles is knowing who we might partner with first. It is of great importance to our team and our overall investment philosophy that we take the time to develop a relationship with a business owner or entrepreneur. This might take some time depending on the circumstances to learn about each other, but that will be time well invested so that we are all mutually comfortable and know we have a well complimented team in the event we become your strategic business partners and private investors.

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“Building a successful business takes time, dedication, perseverance, the right team and capital. It doesn’t happen overnight” – Todd Beddard, Partner & COO

Like everything we know today, it all starts with an idea. Then that idea is driven by a person and their vision. With a lot of hard work and the will to continue, that vision starts to grow. When others get involved, people start to pay attention and actually purchase your products and services, then you’ve started a business but the journey is far from over. We are here to help that journey be a successful one.