Angel Investing

Richard Siskey on Stable Leadership

Before I invest in a business, it’s very important that I spend the time to build a relationship with the owners and its managers. Their business might be growing, everything might look good but what I look for is the ability of those business owners and managers to look forward beyond their current growth.

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Richard Siskey,Charlotte Businessman on Angel Investing and Timing

“What angel investing typically does is fill the gap between start-up and venture capital and has a higher element of risk because of the stage of the business,” explains Richard Siskey. 

“One typically thinks small business when they hear about angel investors providing capital,” says Charlotte businessman Richard Siskey. “While that may be true, it’s essential that a small business owner understands that money from an angel investor is an investment with a needed return over time, not a loan,” explains Siskey. According to Richard Siskey,“ the timing of when the money is invested can be crucial to the overall outcome.” Richard Siskey has spent over a quarter of a century working in the financial markets, angel investing, building businesses and then selling them…(full article)

Richard Siskey A Successful Pitch to Angel Investors

“There are some very important things to consider when making a pitch to any investor or venture capital firm.”

Richard Siskey is an angel investor from Charlotte, North Carolina with over 25 years of entrepreneurial success. For more than a quarter of a century, Richard Siskey has had a unique eye in recognizing good investment opportunities. He has financed them, assisted to build their growth and strong businesses successfully matured as a result. “When a small business owner is pitching an idea there are some things to take into consideration,” notes Siskey. Amongst many of his principles and guidelines to considering a potential investment from a successful pitch, he shares a few of the following on what he calls, the “three point takeaway” to remember…(full article)